This was the year Bruce returned to motorcycling and Eileen nearly left bicycling. To learn more, have a look.

2005Florida 0042011 was a real rollercoaster. And no, we did not go back to Cedar Point.

2012 03 19 10.43.57Well, we'll get there eventually, won't we?

20150508 1653012013 was a full year that included a trip to Greece, Eileen getting a new job, and Bruce going on a New England motorcycle trip.

20150508 1653012014 was a roller coaster year full of good times and bad, happy times and sad. It was certainly a FULL year as these photos attest.

0918151225In 2015, Bruce totalled his 2013 Victory Cross Country Tour motorcycle on Labor Day weekend. A week later, despite 3 broken ribs, Bruce joined Eileen on their "Sideways" excursion in northern California, starting out with a couple nights in San Francisco, then hitting various wineries and vineyards in the Sonoma Valley, and afterwards cruising the Pacific Coast Highway in a convertible Camaro. The trip ended with a visit with David in San Jose. After their return, Bruce got a new car instead of another new bike.

0605161542 HDRBruce turned 60. In recognition of this, Eileen and Bruce went on an Alaska cruise with their friends, the Colbys.

08191717192017 got off to a somewhat rocky start. But it's all good now.

07281815212018 was an interesting and stressful year for the nation. But for the Scherzinger family it was one filled with change.

IMG 20190915 061233790We didn't take a lot of photos in 2019 other than during our trip to Hawaii.