Below are the highlights of 2010.


On Thursday, Dec 16, Rachel was having trouble breathing and was rushed by the St. Mary's staff to a nearby hospital. It appeared she had vomited in bed during a very bad seizure and aspirated. She was in respiratory distress and had to be taken to Childrens Hospital of the King's Daughters in downtown Norfolk and was admitted to the PICU, where she remained for over a week. Eileen and Bruce were finally able to drive down to see her the following Sunday for a one-day trip/visit. By then she was no longer on BiPAP (oxygen mask) but had been put on high-flow oxygen (tubes in the nose) to keep her blood-oxygen saturation in a safe range. She was having great difficulty breathing and tired easily, but her eyes were open when we arrived and she looked scared. We returned home knowing she was in good hands. By the following Wednesday she was moved from PICU to a regular room. We drove down the next Friday with Andrew along and she was still on high-flow when we arrived at 1:30pm. They were preparing to move her back to St. Mary's at 3:30. So after staying with her until the transport arrived, we then followed her back to St. Mary's and stayed with her for a couple more hours. She was doing much better, and by Saturday she was taken off the high-flow. Though we had planned to stay for the weekend, a bad snow storm threatened to make travel dangerous on Sunday and Monday, so we headed home Saturday. Since then she has recovered well and was breathing and eating normally by the end of the year. This was a close call, but Rachel's strength and will got her through it quickly and safely.