Random Gallery Shots

  • Description: The 2005 Yamaha Royal Star Venture came with the custom-wrapped Barons pipes you see in this shot, but also came with factory pipes (much quieter). I've since put the factory pipes back on so that Eileen and I can hear each other on the intercom while riding. Riding to Indianapolis and back also was nearly deafening. I've had people tell me these pipes are "obnoxiously loud". I plan to rewrap them to increase the amount of material because they really sound nice at idle and probably will sound great if not quite so loud.
  • Description:

    It's All in the Presentation

    This is Bruce's Asian dinner (partially eaten). We heard comments from several people at the resort that they didn't believe the food would look as nice as it did on the Palace Resorts website, but they were pleasantly surprised (and so were we!).