Thought I'd try something new this year. This page will allow me to capture things as they happen during the year. Those of you who choose to keep close tabs on us will be able to do so, and when it's time for me to write the annual newsletter I will have all the information right here to draw from. Not sure why I didn't think of this before.


Well, this has been an interesting month. Lots of little details I won't go into here.

David is home for the holidays, having arrived on the first night of Chanukah (Friday the 15th) after a delayed departure from Atlanta. We waited for him so we could all celebrate the first night ON the first night. It was worth it.

Most recently (Dec 22) we went to see Thomas Dolby and BT at the Birchmere in Alexandria. This was primarily a Chanukah gift for David, who is an ardent fan of BT. Andrew liked some of BT's earlier work. Neither of the boys had ever heard of TD. Eileen and I having lived through the 80s and 90s and loved the music, were both TD fans. So we all had an interest in this concert. TD opened the show at 7:30. His current "Sole Inhabitant" tour ends with the very next show in NYC next week. But he promised he'd be back at the Birchmere next year, probably with some new material. The crowd was absolutely wild! Below are some videos that pretty much show you how his new "one man show" works. You can visit his website at if you want more. There's tons more videos on Google and YouTube. I hope you enjoy these.

Next week we will be driving down to visit Rachel. The kind folks at The Arc of the Piedmont, who bought our van, are letting us use one of their brand new minivans to drive to Norfolk so we can take Rachel out to the mall, to Outback Steakhouse, and to look at the light displays. These are things she really likes to do.