Thought I'd try something new this year. This page will allow me to capture things as they happen during the year. Those of you who choose to keep close tabs on us will be able to do so, and when it's time for me to write the annual newsletter I will have all the information right here to draw from. Not sure why I didn't think of this before.

Random Gallery Shots

  • Description: San Francisco, California. It never rains? Maybe, but it sure is foggy.
  • Description:

    The Mexican Restaurant

    Our favorite of the four restaurants at Cozumel Palace was the Mexican restaurant. Here, a cart is moved next to our table to prepare a flambé entree for Eileen.

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    The Activities Center

    The activities center has snorkel gear and a schedule for all daily pool and oceanside activities (aerobics, volleyball, sushi lessons, etc.). It also has a grill, which during the day is a great place to grab a hot sandwich and at night is one of four restaurants at the resort.