The Bruce Scherzinger Family

of Vienna, Virginia

Bruce & Eileen:
Married Oct 15, 1983 in Long Island, NY

Kids (ages in photo):
David(7), Rachel(4), and Andrew(2)


This photo was taken in December 1995

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Bruce has a BS in Computer Science from Wright State University (Dayton, OH), is a software engineer and personal computing enthusiast (click here to see his resume). Bruce isn't into much besides computers, but enjoys wrestling with the boys and helping Eileen advocate for their handicapped daughter, Rachel. Before children (BC), Bruce enjoyed camping, whitewater rafting, bicycling, motorcycling, and body building...oh, and computers too.

Eileen has a BS in Elementary and Special Education from Adelphi University (Long Island), is a homemaker and a community counselor for EurAupair in Northern Virginia (click here to see her resume). Eileen is into being Rachel's Mom, mostly. But she occasionally does housework, laundry, etc. She also is a community counselor for EurAupair, a preschool teaching assistant, and a damned good cook!

David thinks he is really smart because he learned to read when he was three years old. But he's just as much a computer addict as his Dad. David has been playing violin since Fall of 97 and is becoming quite the musician.

Rachel is disabled. She was born with a heart condition that required corrective surgery at six months. That left her with a severe seizure disorder, corticle blindness, and paralysis on her right side. She has had her second pacemaker inserted and gets supplemental feeding through a gastrostomy tube. This is one tough kid!
Look at this! Rachel rode a horse! In the summer of 1996, Rachel participated in the "Lift Me Up!" program in Fairfax County where she underwent "hippotherapy". She simply loved it!

Andrew is the "real boy" of our family. Don't take your eyes off him for even one minute. But he is an extremely loving kid (ask Rachel). He is addicted to movies, Cartoon Network, and Nickelodeon (who's kids aren't?). His favorite movie is currently "George of the Jungle". Andrew also has his own Pentium PC. His old 486 PC was donated to the Elemetary school.

Our New House is in Vienna, Virginia, just one mile from our previous home. We moved in January 1999.

Some Notable Relatives

Earl S. Scherzinger - Bruce's father lives in Troy, OH, just north of Dayton. Earl is relatively new to high performance computing (Bruce taught him almost everything he knows). He is extremely good with AutoCAD and has been able to use it for his consulting business and staying active after retirement.

Steven K. Scherzinger is Bruce's blood brother and the oldest of three children by their mother, Nancie. He retired from the USAF early in 1997 and now lives in Ohio with his Korean wife, Chi Chu.

Captain David J. Vogel, USN.- Capt. Vogel is Bruce's half brother. The caption tells more...

Other Family Matters

The Scherzinger Corporation is a Cincinnati, Ohio, corporation since 1934. It started as an exterminating company and has since expanded into lawn care as well.