See that SCHERZINGEN crest (click here to see it bigger)? That's the official crest of the town of Scherzingen, Germany (current population about 80), where the Scherzinger family originated. It's a really tiny town that's actually smaller than most suburban subdivisions in the US. The crest was sent to my father, Earl, by his second cousin, Robert Carl Scherzinger, from California. Thanks, Robert!

Please feel free to roam around. There's a lot to see here, including our old Geocities site. Although it is extremely outdated and should probably just go away, I've preserved the photos, but note that the information is very old. You can access the old sites via the Family Links menu item.

See ya!

2019 Monthly

Random Gallery Shots

  • Description: David graduates from GMU, summa cum laude!
  • Description: Van
  • Description:

    Ben and Kate

    Ben ponders his dessert, which almost appears to have a Satanic decorating theme. I wonder if that's why the puzzled look on his face?